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The research project/program generally describes the information seeking practices, technology awareness, preferences and media literacy among fishers, farmers, gatherers and processors. In addition, current technology adoption practices, access to relevant data, preferences on fishing and farming technologies, the mobile, internet and media literacy and the need to support activities of the fishers, farmers, and processors will be obtained. The project also uncovers the awareness, usage, and adoption of CSU generated Packages of Technologies (POTs), their issues and problems in the access, as well as perceived benefits from these. From the current socio-economic, technological profile characteristics, packages of technologies (POTs), another component focuses on the analysis, design, development, and testing of a multi-modal application that showcases the POTs generated by CSU along fisheries or aqua marine. The modals include the use of mobile app, web page, and video materials, IEC materials, or other print/multimedia tools. Each modal will be made thru applicable and compatible technologies supported by the current or available technologies of the fishers, farmers, and processors. GIS-based applications will be embedded in the application.

The developed application [MangngalApp] will be subjected for beta and alpha testing on targeted users, thus measures of its usability and compliance to ISO 25010:2011, level of technology adoption among fishers, farmers, and processors, and the utility of the developed application will be assessed. The component describes the usability experiences of the users, measures the applicability of the application to fishing, farming, and processing, and gathering.

Through data mining and knowledge data discovery based on the socio-economic profile of the fishers, farmers, and gatherers, as well as their production data, their views of the use of the packages of technologies will be associated to their production and economic profile. This data analytics activity will be based on at least 10 year data per category ranging from aqua-culture, marine, and processing or per commodity ranging from fishes, bivalves, seaweeds.

On safety along navigation and fishing activities, the research program also aims to analyze, design, and develop an application [mSafeApp] focused on providing safety measures [OHS] through information provision via mobile-based application technologies. The ISO 25010 quality characteristics for applications or software will be measuring the compliance of the application as viewed by the fishers, farmers.